Monday, November 1, 2010

Daily Food Plan

Meal 1 (within in ½ hr. of waking)
            The morning is the best time to hydrate as well as nourish your body for the upcoming day. That is why, generally, a good breakfast will be slightly larger in portion size than any other meal. It is important to include all three macronutrients in this meal (Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats)
Example meals:
1.      Oatmeal with raisins and walnuts, glass of skim milk.
2.      Two eggs, two slices of whole grain toast (easy on butter or margarine), coffee.
3.      Protein shake (scoop of protein powder, milk, ice, fruit and/or peanut butter.)

Meal 2
            This can be referred to as “mid-morning snack.” If you workout in the morning than this can also be your post-workout meal. Since this is a snack, portion size will be smaller.
Example meals:
1.      Whole wheat crackers, natural peanut butter, skim milk.
2.      Chocolate milk, protein powder, and banana (note: use chocolate milk only if this is your post workout meal, otherwise stick to skim or low fat.)
3.      Yogurt with fresh fruit (avoid yogurt with “fruit on the bottom”)

Meal 3
            Lunch is usually the deal breakers for Americans, a good lunch will give you sustained energy while burning fat, a bad lunch will cause insulin levels to spike and energy levels to crash, tempting you to reach for a high caffeinated beverage just to make it through the day.
Example meals:
1.      Turkey sandwich on whole grain (no mayo, lots of veggie to top it off), with avocado.
2.      Salad with dark leafy greens (the darker green, the more vitamins and minerals), grilled chicken or tuna, with a low-fat dressing.
3.      Whole grain pasta, extra marinara (avoid white sauces since they tend to be high in fat), and light cheese.
Meal 4
            Meal 4 is very important to the individual that usually finds themself by dinner, if you find that the gap between lunch and dinner is too much, then you want to make sure you eat something small in between (if you work out after work this could be your pre-workout meal)
Example meals:
1.      Pear, 3 oz. cheddar cheese, ice tea.
2.      Protein bar or protein shake (see meal 1)
3.      Sugar free cranberry juice, peanut butter sandwich.

Meal 5
            Many Americans starve themselves all day, by the time they get off work or get a chance to eat they usually reach for the easiest (and fattiest) foods they can find. But by carefully planning all of your meals in advance you can avoid this problem. It is still important to nourish your body after a long day though.
Example meals:
1.      Stir-fry (assorted veggies, 3 oz of lean meat, brown rice, and a little olive oil)
2.      Bowl of cereal (yes even for dinner!) with skim milk
3.      Salad (see meal two)

Meal 6 (within ½ hr. before bed)
            This is the last chance for your muscles to get nutrients before an eight hour fast that is why this meal should be high in protein and low in carbs and fats.
Example meals:
1.      Casein Protein with skim milk
2.      Low or non-fat cottage cheese
3.      Chicken breast (3 oz.)

Note: this meal plan is not a prescription, merely a suggestion and in no way intended to treat or cure and disease or illness.