Wednesday, August 25, 2010

6 Painless Ways to Upgrade Your Lifestyle

                Lets face it achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard work, there is a lot of sweat involved usually coupled with some muscle soreness, not to mention the good chunk of time that you have to devote to working out and selecting the right food choices every day. There are no two ways about it, if you want to achieve something great you have to put in the work. For many this is the reason they never reach their goals, simply because they do not want to put in the work. Whether it is because they work hard elsewhere and do not think they have the time or energy, or simply because they are lazy.

                In this article I will share six painless ways to upgrade your health today; quick and easy. These are not some secrets know only to personal trainers and a few of the select public, these are simply principles that our bodies are based on. One way or another they have gotten lost in our fast-paced society, I’m here to bring them back

1.       Eat Breakfast. I don’t care what your excuse is to not eat breakfast, “I don’t have time” (wake up earlier or prepare something the night before), “I’m not hungry in the morning” (chances are you’re eating too much at night), “I don’t like breakfast foods” (enjoy your favorite lunch or dinner foods then) Not only does eating breakfast get your metabolism off to a running start, it also gives your body the fuel it needs to stay energized through a long day at work or school.
2.       Drink water. This just might be the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, and yet it is all too often overlooked. Staying hydrated not only keeps your metabolism up and gets you through tough workouts, it also fights off hunger and reduces you intake of high calorie drinks (i.e. pop, beer, sugary coffee drinks, etc.)
3.       Sleep. Instead of watching T.V. late into the night, making yourself susceptible to food ads, give your body a break and call it a day. Getting the proper amounts of sleep gives you energy and alertness for the next day, maybe you will find that going to the gym isn’t so daunting since you have all this extra energy.
4.       Eat slowly. Eating slowly is a lost art in today’s world, maybe it died with disco, whatever the case it needs to be brought back. When you scarf down your food Joey Chestnut style you don’t give your body the proper time to decide when enough is enough, and you end up overeating.
5.       Eat with purpose. This is closely related to number 4, and it may not fall under the “easy” category for some, but eating with purpose can save many unwanted pounds and even premature deaths. When I say “eat with purpose” I mean to look at food in its proper context. Food is not entertainment, it is not comfort (it is nourishing though, these two aspects seem to get confused all the time), it is simply fuel. You should eat when your body needs the fuel to complete an activity or just make it through the day, you shouldn’t eat out of boredom or loneliness.
6.       Be Realistic. If your already giving and effort to live a healthy lifestyle, and your frustrated because you not seeing the results you may have your standards set to high. Sad to say it, but living a healthy life style doesn’t always mean you will have a body like that movie star or model you saw recently. Chances are you are already have a healthy life style, and you should be proud of that because it is so rare these days.

After you implement these six easy principles I hope that you realize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and the hard work it takes, is worth it after all. You only get one life, live it to your fullest.

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  1. Hi,Zach
    Your advice sounds good to me.
    Real problem, : mental discipline.
    Needs to be tuned into high gear.
    Keep away from Junk food.
    Another way of helping to increase metabolism :
    Green tea (no sugar) drink hot.
    Green tea certainly is one of the reasons why classically Chinese remain slim into their high age.
    Excellent posts. Endeavor to follow your guidelines,