Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trainer's Lingo

If you talk to a professional in any field about their job chances are, unless you work in the same field, you wont understand most or any of what they are saying. Its because when they are learning and talking with peers about their certain field of study they tend to develop a language filled with terms and words not used in everyday English. Trainers are no exception to this we have our own set of terms that we have learned over time, and after talking with other trainers and fitness minded people we tend to forget that everyday people do not know, or even want to know what the heck these terms mean. As a trainer it is our responsibility to make sure that our clients clearly understand what we are trying communicate. So this post is my attempt to bridge the gap between the language of trainers and everyday language.

Anaerobic - Occurring without the use of oxygen, this means any workouts that rely on muscular strength and only last a few minuets. 

Aerobic - Occurring with the use of oxygen, this means any workouts that require a oxygen to give your muscles power. These exercises last anywhere from 1 min - 30 mins

Anabolic - A state of the body in which simple substances are put together to form more complex ones (i.e. amino acids into body proteins.) If your goal is to build muscle you want your body to be in a Anabolic state.

Catabolic - A state of the body in which complex substances are broken in to simple ones (i.e. stored fat into energy.) For any one looking to shed a few pounds, your body being in a catabolic state is desirable.

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) - The minimum energy required to maintain the body's life function at rest, usually expressed in calories per hour. This means if you lay in bed all day and burn 2,000 calories your BMR would be 83.3

BMI (Body Mass Index) - A formula (body weight in kilos/hight in meters) designed to show you if your overweight, average, or obese. This formula does not work with people high in muscle mass.

Calisthenics - a system of exercise movements, without equipment, for the building of strength, flexibility, and physical grace. Comes from the Greek meaning "beautiful strength"
Macronutrients - Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Max VO2 Uptake - The maximum usable portion of oxygen uptake. This will differ from person to person depending on the condition of their lungs.

Maximal Heart Rate - The highest heart rate of which and individual is capable.

Mesomorph - A body type that is naturally muscular.

Ectomorph - A body type that is naturally Lean. 

Endomorph - A body type that is naturally heavy set.

Watt - A measure of power equal to 6.12 kilogram-meters per minute. This unit of measurement is usually found programmed into cardio machines 

Supinated Grip - A grip where your palms are up.

Pronated Grtip - A grip where your palms are down.

Neutral Grip - A grip where your palms in between the pronated at supinated grip (looks like a handshake.)

Alternated Grip - one hand is Pronated the other is Supinated.

Hook Grip - Similar to a pronated grip, but the thumb is located on the same side as the middle and index finger.

Planes of motion - There are three different planes of motion the sagittal (anteroposterior), frontal (coronal), and transverse (horizontal) Rather than trying to explain these three planes of motion refer to the illustration.

I know there is a lot of information to process in this one post, and believe me I am still trying to remember it all (the planes of motion still confuse me), but the next time you hear some of these terms being thrown around the gym like its everyday language just refer back to this post! Additionally if there is any other terms I have forgotten about, or anything you have heard recently that isn't included hear just let me know and I will be happy to explain!

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