Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why Health and Fitness?

Just as every individual is different so is their motivation to do or accomplish something. So why should diet or exercise be any different? Everybody who steps through those gym doors (or doesn't) does so with a different motivation than the person next to them. Some do it merely for aesthetic reasons, they crave a lean sculpted body, one that makes them not only feel like a god or goddess, but look like one too. Others go the gym for increased energy and a healthier lifestyle, trying to ensure a long-lived, high-quality life. Still others work up a sweat on a regular basis for increased sports performance. Whether they are weekend warriors or elite athletes, these individuals are often motivated by the desire of having a body the equivalent of a fine tuned machine. One that operates at peak performance for long periods of time. But most common are individuals who enter the gym doors for preventive reasons. Maybe they recently had a scary call with some medical emergency, maybe it was a death in the family that opened their eyes, or maybe they simply noticed that the years of potato chips and cable TV finally caught up with them. Your reason for walking through that gym door may not be any of those reason, or it may be all of them. Only you can decide what your reasoning is, and only you can apply yourself and be successful.

I can sit here and type until my fingers fall off about the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, but I cannot truly influence your quality of life unless you are willing to put the work in. So if you've realized that you have plenty of reasons to get to the gym but only a few excuses not to, then its time to lace up your sneakers and step through that door.

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