Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brown Bagging It

This week school has started for most states across the country, this means that kids are not only a lot less active than they were in the summer but that greasy fried foods are being served to them daily at lunch. I remember sitting in the cafeteria during my high school days eating pizza, burgers, fries, and washing it all down with sugary drinks, then being yelled at by teachers to stay awake during class. This food that is being served to kids on a daily basis is not only harmful to their health but is counterproductive to their education, and while a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger every once and a while will be the death of no one, it is better to be the exception rather then the rule. A great alternative to buying the food served at cafeteria is to bring your own, this allows you to control what goes into your and your kids body. You can select natural foods, made from wholesome ingredients, and customize each lunch to everyones personal taste. I found this article at Web MD  that gives some great tips and tricks on the subject. Try it out for your self, and see what works and what doesn't You may find that you don't miss that greasy fried cafeteria food all that much!

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