Friday, August 20, 2010

Losing 10 Pounds

                As a personal trainer my body is an example of my knowledge and expertise, whether it is fair or not, most of my success will be based on how I utilize my own knowledge and the visual example that my body displays. In short, trainers better be fit! Or else they will have no credibility.

            After of summer of cookouts, parties, and eating out I could stand to lose a few. Now I would consider myself overweight but my ability to perform and demonstrate high intense workouts for some more advanced clientele is hindered by the few pounds I’ve put on over the last few months. Therefore, I have decided to make it personal goal to lose around 10 pounds in the next month, without losing any lean muscle mass that is.

            The game plan is simple; I will have five weight loss days a week, and two maintaining days. My body requires 3,000 calories on days that I work out, so I will eat about 2,500 spread out over three small meals, and two snacks.

            As for workouts, I am going to get my butt moving: running wind sprints on the basketball court, supersets in the weight room, and intervals on the treadmill and stationary bicycle, in addition I will bike to work at least three times a week. My goal will be five times a week at the gym but if I only get there four times I will do a workout at home with dumb bells and resistance bands.

            My starting weight is 185 (some of that may be water weight, because I was just recently on a creatine regimen) and my goal weight is 175, but because the body is unpredictable 175 is just a number to shoot for. Losing storage body fat is the key here. If I lose any muscle mass I will just be wasting my time.

            As for supplements, I will take protein powders only if I cannot get my needed protein from natural resources (in other words if I am too busy to cook a meal.) I will not use any thermogenic aids, green tea pills, or anything else that you see on the shelves on GNC most of that stuff doesn’t work, and is terribly expensive.

            I will check in weekly to let you all know how my progress is going, and I will put up some before and after pictures at the end of all of it.

            If you have similar goals for this next month, share them! I would love hear about your program and give any advice you may need, plus once you goal public with a desire to lose weight it’s that much harder to just give up!

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